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Taking care of the pennies
Affiliate marketing
by Steve Sutherland

Got a website? Use these free to join affiliate networks to add advertising to your site.

Affiliate Future
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Not as many merchants to choose from as a site such as Tradedouber but still well worth joining up. Like the rest of the affiliate sites they are free to join to and have a range of merchant sites from Ink Suppliers to Sports Shops to Dating Agencies. Easy to use and good clear reporting tools to show exactly when links were clicked and the amount of any leads or sales. Mostly sales and leads with very few pay per click. Allow text links.

Affiliate Window
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You can join as many affiliate networks and programs as you want for free. Great range of affiliates. All types of payments including % of sale and 20p for leads etc. Generally acknowleged as second only to Tradedoubler. Allow text links.
Headers: Free Fundraising for Community Organisations is an affiliate network. Their fundraising initiative works like this: If you are a school, a charity, sports club or a community group such as a church or village hall you can set up and run a webshop with completely free. Whatever gets sold through the shop, you get 10% of the purchase value for your fundraising. Get your supporters to use your online shop! No technical knowledge needed and full support provided.

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Not got as many big sites as the others but still has some good ones. They also have some smaller quirky ones. For example, good quality small bookshops, nice little gift shops, Guitar shops, TEFL courses which are always popular, etc. Excellent reporting facilities. Allow text links.

Paid on Results
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Although they don't have as many merchants as many of the others and their website isn't as flash, Paidonresults are still well worth joinning. They have interesting and varied merchants from Dating to Gardening, from Petwear to Designer clothes. They also have superb reporting tools including showing you which pages click-throughs have come from. Allow text links.

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If you run a website then you should be signed up for this excellent free program. You can either use it to earn a bit of extra money, or take it more seriously to try to make some big profits. To join up is free, simply type your email address where it says "Become an affiliate" on the right hand side of the homepage, and click ok.) Once you have joined you should choose advertisers that are relevant to your visitors. The rate per click ranges from 1p to 15p! Then there are even better rates for leads and sales. Sales are the most difficult to get but they will come with time. Leads can be a good source of income since most of the time you are providing your surfers with something that is free and appeals to them. The Tradedoubler site contains all the information you need to know to make money ... it's in their interests that you make money since they act as intermediates and only get paid if the websites make money! Allow text links which is very important as these are by far the most succesful ways of linking to merchants these days. Allow text links.


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With just over 230 merchants on the books, Webgains is not one of the bigger networks. However; all the merchants are first class, the website interface and reporting are very good indeed plus Webgains is in the forefront when it comes to innovative affiliate technology - check out their cookieless tracking system.

Toluna Affiliate Network
Headers: Affiliate Marketing
This network enables you to participate in online advertising campaigns. Advertising formats are regularly updated to ensure a high CTR and ROI for each affiliate and pay between £1-£2 for each UK registration. You have your own access panel to monitor and control the campaign with real time statistics.



Dodging the pyramids!

How to make realistic income from a website.

THERE are all sorts of moneymaking schemes going round the net, you may have seen the emails. The net is an ideal place for the type of "Not a pyramid scheme" schemes that you used to see in the Newsagent windows. "Earn money addressing envelopes" proclaimed the tatty postcard!

It's now been redefined as Multi-level-Marketing or MLM. My advice is to steer clear, you will only lose your money.

Good old fashioned advertising

But if you run a website of any size then there are plenty of opportunities to earn money by running adverts on them. And there is no MLM aspect to this. You are simply driving traffic to the merchant's website and gaining them business. And a lot of these adverts you don't even have to ask your surfers to pay any money. For example, if you join Tradedoubler you will find merchants that will pay 10p every time one of your surfers clicks through to their site. And that can soon add up.

You are getting money to offer your surfers a free service! And it costs you nothing!

You CAN earn money from these schemes. How much depends on your web visits and whether your surfers want what your advertisers are offering. But this can be quite broad. A Volleyball site is going to have readers interested in careers and so they might well click, for example, a Job site which pays 5p just for the click. You can't always tell. But it's great fun finding out. You get very detailed statistics with Tradedoubler and all these schemes so you can very soon find out which pages and which adverts are doing best.  Over time you will find that the other merchants such as booksellers will earn you money as people buy products from them after clicking on a link or a banner on your site. 

How to implement advertising on your site.

First of all you will need a website! If you have made it yourself you will have the skills to be able to add the adverts - it's easy, and explained on all the sites you join up on. Alternatively your webmaster will be able to put the links up very easily. Start by joining Tradedoubler, as they are the best for seeing quick results. It is important to see some flow of money even if it's only 3p here and 10p there. It helps you to see what part of your website is successful and why.

Even if you have a website that has very few visitors, you can still earn money. Then to earn more you can either expand that site OR make a number of similar small sites. After all even if you are only making 50p per day on one small site, if you had 20 of them that's £10 per day or £70 per week! Remember the web never closes so a small income coming in will just keep coming in 7 days a week 24 hours a day.


Whether you are looking for extra beer money and a fun hobby or a full time salary (and that is perfectly possible with enough sites) then check out the sites on this page ... they are all free to join.

Good luck! And keep us informed of your progress. Contributions will be welcome on this page and we will give your website a free plug to give your site a boost!

p.s. Value Click have just joined Tradedoubler. With them you simply put their code on your page and a banner is displayed from one of their advertisers. You get 15p per click which is a very good rate per click these days. These banners will automatically adjust to display the adverts that get the most clicks.

Finding more sites

To find more affiliate sites we would recommend going to and typing something like

+uk affiliate schemes

However, in our experience, there are not that many large sites that are better than Tradedoubler and Affiliate Window who have 100s of merchants on them. Don't bother signing up for too many until you have spent time learning to use the big 2.

To find more individual sites who run their own affiliate schemes type something like

+"join our affiliate scheme" +uk

and you will get more detailed hits, generally from companies who run their own schemes.

If you find any good ones please let us know at Easytorecall! And keep us informed of your experiences good and bad with affiliate schemes.

Remember ... keep us informed of your progress. Contributions will be welcome on this page and we will give your website a free plug to give your site a boost!

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Quote Taking care of the pennies
Steve Sutherland
Quotation MarkTHE aimof this article is to explain to webmasters of sports and hobby sites how they can make a modest income of roughly 10p to £10 per day from their sites. If you run such a site, then perhaps you have wondered about placing some advertising on it, if only to help with costs. Of course, nothing is guaranteed on the internet. This is not a "get rich quick" monologue. However, hopefully this article can help you earn some realistic income from your site, with no more than a few hours work, followed by a minimal amount of ongoing work.
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