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British Wildlife - Over 30 top class websites concerning British Wildlife and British Wildlife Conservation
Hero's Fountain - Article
How Telescopes Work - Article
What Telescope Specifications Mean - Article
Naming Stars - Article
Primates - Article
Primates Family Tree
Primate Classification - Article
Shade-Grown Coffee - Article
Sundials - Article plus where to buy sundials on the web
The Orrery - Containing: What is an Orrery?, A Brief History, Online Orrery Simulations, Make your own Orrery Simulation, Make your own Hands on Orrery, Where can I visit to see some Orreries?, Where can I buy an orrery?, Orrery Simulation
The Severn Bore - Article


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Headers: Parents stuff, Homework help, The dictionary, Links – Fun stuff, Links – World maths, Links – Revision help, The mental maths gym, The level checker, Boardshots, Useful stuff, The bookshop, Today's mathematician, Today's number, Today's quotation
Content rich school maths site full of interesting stuff. Cartoons, articles, quotes, animations. Some great maths java games to try, including the fiendish Pannerotto, a proof without words of Pythagoras by David King, books, biographies of mathematicians etc. But perhaps the most interesting thing is the weekly Boardshot direct from Mr Whitfield's lessons. Whatever next, online video links to lessons? Don't be late!

The Straight Dope
Numerous articles on wacky topics as diverse as "which freezes faster, hot water or cold water?" and "What does OK stand for?".


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