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Astro Cruise
Headers: Gallery, Articles
Extensive gallery with technical details and descriptions of each image plus several articles for beginners and experienced astrophotographers alike. All photographs are by the site owner Phililp Perkins.

Catching the Light
Headers: Showcase Images, Astrophoto Thumbnails, Quote of the Day, Objects Lists, Astrophotography Articles, Digital Techniques, Stories, Observations, Humor, Miscellaneous, Table of Contents, Search, What's New?, Sports Photography
This excellent site by Jerry Lodriguss contains astronomical photographs plus hints, tips, articles and techniques for astrophotography.

Chuck's Astrophoto Page
Headers: Images
Very good quality high resolution images from Chuck with technical specifications included.

Getting Started in Astrophotography
Headers: Basics, Equipment, Opportunities, Resources, Gallery, Site Map, What's New, Hints & Tips
As the name suggests, this site is ideal for absolute beginners in astrophotography. It begins with the basics and then goes on to explain just what equipment is needed.

Russell Croman Astrophotography
Headers: Images, Articles, Software Downloads
All images are described and also include technnical details. In addition there are technical articles and also detailed descriptions of equipment used.

Headers: Chat Room, Current Events, Astrophotography for the Beginner, My Astrophotos, My Equipment, Links
This is an article for absolute beginners in astrophotography, using a 35mm camera.

Headers: Images, Articles
Images and articles are by Matt BenDaniel who is the co founder of SLOOH which displays live deep sky images from its observatory in the Canary Islands. Matt also operates the website Photography Tips which includes a section on how to get started in astrophotography.

Jim's Astrophotography Page
Plain and simple introduction to astrophotography including basic concepts and the equipment needed plus a photo gallery and pictures of and construction details of Jim's own backyard observatory.



Telescope Planet
Headers: Meade Telescopes & Accessories, Celestron Telescopes & Accessories, Skywatcher Telescopes & Accessories, Orion Telescopes, Kson Accessories, Tal Telescopes, Bresser Telescopes, Solar Observing, Mounts and Tubes, Accessories, Eyepieces and Barlows, Filters, Software, DVD and Books, Astrophotography and Cameras, Night Vision, Spotting Scopes, Binoculars, Cameras, Camera Accessories, Nikon Lenses, Camera Bags, Tripods, Microscopes and Magnifiers, Coin Operated
One of the largest telescope and binocular retailers in the UK with experts on hand 6 days a week. As well as the massive range they sell online, they also have a showroom in Crosshands, Dyfed.
Special Features: Forums, Reviews and Photo Galleries



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