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Easy Chess
Great site for beginners to experts. There is a monthly "Test your Chess" which gives you a score eg Anything above 60: Grandmaster strength, 50-59: Master strength, 40-49: County strength, 30-39: Good club player, 20-29: etc. Then there is a weekly Multiple Choice quiz and best fun of all a Daily Chess Quiz ... with prizes! Simple easy to use site.


Brilliant texty site. Lots of photos and news on this exciting UK Chess League.The pgn downloads are an invaluable resource for all standards of player. There is much to be learnt from going through these games, especially if you are learning the game. And don't miss Korchnoi's Scoresheet!

Headers: Chess Tactics, Chess Test, Chess History, Registration, Chess Training Online
It is best to complete the quick and free registration process so you can access all the features. Once you have done so, this is a great site to sharpen your chess skills whatever your level. There is a huge database of test diagrams and you get marked on your performance! The excellent search facilities, e.g. complexity level, theme etc, mean that chess coaches can select and print out appropriate tasks for pupils. Perhaps the best feature of the site though, is that they feature every game of every World Championship together with interesting biographies of every champion.

Chess Lab
Fantastically easy to use but very useful site. Enter any position and it brings up games from a 2 million plus database of quality games. This database is updated frequently and has games from many levels of play right up to Grandmaster level. You can specify conditions such as "black won", "white won", "either side one", and also enter names of specific players or grading levels. So if you have gone wrong in an opening, put it into Chess Lab and see what the experts have played in the same position - With luck you may just win the time you play it ant maybe even end up with a game on Chess Lab yourself one day! If you are a club player you may well find games of your own, or of fellow club members on it already.

British Chess Magazine
The well known  monthly chess magazine. Also a great website for news on chess events, book reviews and expert advice on all types of chess products.


This treasure Island of a domain hosts a number of interesting gems. Let's start with John Knudsen's own homepage The Correspondence Chess Place. As I understand it the domain began with this site ... It is kept bang up to date and is an invaluable resource for all correspondence players. And the game archive is a rich source for OTB players to mine. If you have a favourite opening then why not check out how it has been handled by experts who have had time to consult every source and of course have got the creative streak it takes to win when their opponent also has this big advantage. Would you expect a History professor to come up with a new theory under pressure of the clock? No he is given hours, days, sometimes even years to cook up his theories and essays. Go and mine the pages for ideas for your OTB games.

Then there is the superb website of ICCF International Arbiter Ralph Marconi. This is another information rich, default blue hypertext jewel in the style of the Exeter Chess Club. You will find up to date results, articles and columns, pages where games can be viewed and game files downloaded in PGN or CBH format. There is also a page set up exclusively for guest columnist's - open to anyone who has something of interest they want to share with the rest of the International CC community. 


Correspondence Chess News (CCN) is a twice a month, high quality magazine which has received kudos from OTB (Over the board), as well as Correspondence Chess players. Their 50th issue was published last week. It is full of articles and quality annotations. There are a vast selection of books to purchase and Knudsen also offers several books for electronic download. In addition to all this there is the renowned "Campbell Report." Check it out! Last but not least is the Correspondence Chess yearbook.


Exeter Chess Club
The Exeter Site is absolutely pure information, no fuss, no gaudy graphics. And you will find excellent training articles suitable for everybody from beginner to expert.

Home of FIDE. You can find out your FIDE grade if you have one using their worldwide database. Or perhaps look up an opponent who has beaten you to see how strong he is!

Michael Goeller's Chess Links
This is one of the best Chess Links sites on the internet. A huge amount of sites, all reviewed in just the right amount of detail. There are no spare words or graphics hanging around on this site. Superbly economic and tasteful design and some great stuff on the dangerous Urusov Gambit. It's part of the Kennilworth Chess Club site which again is well worth a look. It has Games collections, Fun stuff, Opening, Middlegame and Endgame analysis, Book reviews etc etc.

In particular I would recommend the The Kenilworthian which is a frequently updated web blog about all things chess.

Rochade Kuppenheim
This is the homepage of the German chess club Rochade Kuppenheim 1979 e.V. Most of its content is in German. It features some regular columns in English and German, offers various information about the club, some chess humour, cartoons and links. 

Steve Pickles Chess Links Page
Steve Pickles Chess Links Page
A massive chess links page.

The Chess Cafe
Full of interesting articles and analysis. A must to bookmark!

Tim Krabbé's Chess Curiosities
The website of Dutch Journalist and Author Tim Krabbé is full of interesting material such as A Walk with Kasparov. In this article, Krabbé describes how he asked Kasparov about a move he had played in the last round of the VSB Tournament, Amsterdam. Kasparov then invited him to his hotel room to check his computer and the analysis went to the analysis hall and out to the streets of Amsterdam. All the time Kasparov was reeling out analysis and Krabbé was amazed to be hearing such secrets! A really interesting read. And there is plenty more of that. The Open Diary is updated every 3 or 4 days and is full of interesting stuff. The Chess Records are great fun. These are official games that are the longest, shortest etc etc. There are also plenty of amazing, amusing, entertaining Chess Problems Tasks and Records on this, perhaps the best website on the UK web.

UK - Tradedoubler
If you run a Chess website and you want to make some money from it then this is a good way to start. Click the Affiliate link to the right of where is says "I want to increase my income and earn extra money on my website" Once you have joined you should choose advertisers that are relevant to your visitors. The rate per click ranges from 1p to 10p! Then there are even better rates for leads and sales. Sales are the most difficult to get but they will come with time. Leads can be a good source of income since most of the time you are providing your surfers with something that is free and appeals to them. The Tradedoubler site contains all the information you need to know to make money ... it's in their interests that you make money since they act as intermediates and only get paid if the websites make money!.



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