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Graham Brown takes a regular look around the UK Chess web.
Graham is a Freelance Journalist and co-author of the Batsford book Chess on the Web

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Book Review:
Gurnfeld Defence Revealed- THE Grünfeld Defence Revealed is a brand new first edition book, which is the start of yet another series of books about ... the openings! The sequence will, it is claimed, present the "key aspects of each chess opening in a fresh, entertaining and accessible way". TGDR is a great start I think.

IM Khodarkovsky begins with a look at the basic ideas and spirit of the opening and how these related to the political and historical backdrop of the times ... more

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Are you a Chess Addict!?:

Bill WallOn Bill Wall's Chess Page you will find loads of great articles on chess including some nice humour ...

You know you are a chess addict if:

- you bump into someone or something and say J'adoube.
- you spot the chessboard set up wrong in every movie with a chess scene
- you buy a newspaper only if it has a chess column in it

To see the rest of the reasons check out A Chess Addict by Bill Wall.

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Kasimdzhanov Interview - Exclusive Free Copy of Chess Today: Just Kasimdzhanovwho is Kasimdzhanov? Read about him in this recent copy of Chess Today. I must confess an interest as I am one of the technical editors. That means I put the issue together into an adobe pdf file based on what is sent to me by our tip-top team of top IMs and GMs. The Chess Today speciality is well-annotated games. When you receive a Chess Today issue, you can print it out and read on a train or over a cup of coffee.)

Normally it would cost money to read Chess Today, see www.chesstoday.net to sign up. But we have some exclusive downloads on the Easytorecall Chess Today page plus this recent issue. Simply click the links to download. CT-1341 is the pdf issue and CT-1341 is the chessbase file with the games in.

To read and print the PDF file you need Acrobat Reader. This useful program can be downloaded for free at www.adobe.com You can download Chess Base Light free at www.chessbase.com - enabling you to open CBV and PGN files.

For more free Chess Today issues and information on how to subscribe see our Chess Today page.

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Book Review:
Gambit Play - Sacrificing in the Opening
- Is it just me? Normally I hate draws, but when I play a gambit I don't mind them in the slightest. It feels more like a win. But why should that be so? My opponent has gone down 12 moves of home analysis that took me months (sometimes years!) to work out, and found all the best moves at the board with the clock ticking. Surely he is the hero? But there is something about that saying "and I had that on my practice board at home". Probably just me but I do remember Nigel Short being happy to catch Kasparov in some home analysis and get a draw! But then again that was against Kasparov and it was with Black! ... more


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