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Sheet Music and Song Books

Headers: Sheet Music, Tuition Books, Digital, Music for Schools, Audio & Video, Books about Music, Software, Instruments & Accessories
An award winning shop for music related items, including sheet music and accessories for a very wide range of instruments and genres plus music related DVD's and books. Or you could learn an instrument - there is a massive range of tutorial guides in both book and DVD form. Plus there is a wide range of musical instruments from digital pianos to small musical instruments such as harmonicas, pennywhistles, recorders and assorted small percussion instruments. Musicroom is a nationwide company with music stores throughout the UK. Head office is in London and the distributions centre is based in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.
Special Features: 30 day returns policy. Live website help.
Free UK Delivery on orders >£15 (UPS delivery free on orders >£99)
International Delivery Available (Free Shipping Worldwide over £49)



Where to buy CDs and DVDs of Classical Music

Crotchet Limited
Headers: Audio Books, Baroque, Chamber, Classical Home, Film Music, Historical, Jazz, Naxos, Orchestral, Sacred, Vocal, Warner, World
One of the UK's leading Classical CD sellers. They have very many titles and claim to have any known classical composer/artist, promising that if you can't find what you are looking for, if you contact them they will do their utmost to find it for you. They also have a great collection of jazz titles and a sizeable number of audio books from most genres. Crotchet is based in Birmingham.
Gift Wrapping: Free service
International Delivery Available
Headers: Books, Electronics & Photo, Music, DVD, Video, Software, PC & Video Games, Home & Garden, Toys & Games
Although associated mostly with books of which they have a huge stock, covering nearly all subjects, Amazon now sells virtually everything. And their prices are surprisingly good. The electrical goods, for example, are very competitively priced. The site is very easy to navigate and there are also a huge selection of useful, and usually well written reviews for products. You can also search for goods available in the auction department plus you can get good deals from the many used items sold at Amazon.
Special Features: 30 returns policy.
Free Delivery on most orders >£15

Blah DVD
Headers: DVDs, CDs, Music Downloads, Games, Stuff
Fast and easy to navigate website selling a large range of DVDs and CDs. Many special offers and promotions available. Blah DVD has teamed up with Oxfam to provide music downloads plus, in addition to a small range of gadgets and consumables, they are now offering a wide range of games for PS2, PC, Xbox, Cube, GBA, DS, 360 and PSP. Blah DVD is based in Jersey. There is no VAT to pay on items under £18 as they are based in the Channel Islands: on items over £18, Blah DVD takes care of the VAT.
Free UK Delivery
Gift Service: You can send your gift directly to the recipients address. (And they have worldwide delivery)
International Delivery Available

Headers: Downloaded MP3s
Great site if you are looking for independent music. eMusic has a library of over 1,500,000 MP3s. MP3s are free from copy protection and play on any portable music player (including the iPod), can be downloaded to unlimited computers and allow for unlimited CD burning. After that songs are just an amazing 25c each! Genres include Alternative/Punk, Blues, Classical, Country/Folk, Electronic, Inspirational, Jazz, New Age, Rock/Pop, Soundtracks/Other, Urban/Hip Hop and World/Reggae.
• Special Offers: Register with emusic and get 25 free downloads.

Headers: Music Albums, DVD, Games, Competitions, MP3 Players, Ipod, Books
With a warehouse located in the Channel Isles, HMV is now offering low priced CDs and region 2 DVDs. Games available for Xbox, PS2, Gamecube, GBA, PC, Sony PSP and Nintendo DS. Prices on the website are VAT free, but for For UK customers VAT will be added from items greater than £18.
Special Features: 10% off student discount.
Free UK Delivery
International Deliveries Available

Headers: Music, Film & TV, Books, Garden
As you can see from the headers, Selections offers a rather eclectic mix of products. Large selection of CDs, classical and modern, but specialising in classical, often at very competitive prices but also stock a good range of jazz, nostalgia, soundtracks and popular titles. Large selection of DVDs, videos and tapes. The book department stocks a wide range of deleted and remainder books covering most subject areas, so plenty of bargains to be had. Good range of classical sheet music. If jigsaws are your thing, then there is plenty of choice here. The garden department offers a good range of gardening accessories, from lawnmowers to bird boxes.
Special Features: 60 day returns policy. Selections is based in Dorchester.
International Delivery Available Entertainment
Headers: Books, CDs, DVDs, Videos, Games, Consoles, Games Accessories
Tesco have a huge number of entertainment products online, covering all genres from classical music to rap and reggae, and from feature films to documentaries. They also have an extensive range of music DVDs. Games are for Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, DS, PC, PSP and PS2 and, again, appear to cover most genres. Clubcard points on all purchases.
Free Delivery

Yahoo! Music
Headers: Music Downloads
Subscribe and get access to over a million songs, including popular and classical tracks. Subscription packages start at around $5 per month. Note that iPods do not accept Yahoo music tracks but they do work on may other portable players, and of course your PC.
• Special Offers: 7 day free trial


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