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Fancy having your own online dating site?

Maybe you have a niche market you want to cater for. The possibilities are endless. What about TrainDate, the online dating portal for people interested in railways? OK, just kidding. I think. Or maybe you would like to have a site just for singles in the Greater Manchester area.

Whatever your reasons, here are a selection of companies offering software that you might be interested in. In each case you really don't need any design or development skills as the sites are set up for you automatically and, we are assured, the administration is fairly simple.

The first site listed, AEwebworks, gives you control over your site as you are simply buying the website template. You then choose how you are going to operate it. There are demos to evaluate what you get before you buy.

With the 2nd site, YourOwnPersonalsSite, you are effectively part of a network of dating sites and although set up costs are free, your revenue consists of 50% of commission on all payments made through your dating site.

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Upmarket dating software solution. Features include Dating Site Demoonline chat; forum; instant messenger; photos upload; shopping cart; voice and video; shoutbox; moderators; virtual kisses; ZIP code locator and much more. Free installation, lifetime upgrades, support and a wide range of templates to choose from. There is also live support on the website if you have any questions.
Software cost is $690 (~£400).

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Dating and personals system for webmasters. Your website will be part of TheDateHub which consists of networks of dating sites and your site will have access to all of TheDateHub database of members. This means tSample Sitehat your users can access either just people from your site, or all people within the hub you have joined. Your website will be completely white label, which means it can be made to look like part of your existing site. Choose which particular network of sites you would like your own site to be in (eg fun, serious, adult etc) and you can be up and running almost immediately. You have control over such things as whether users are charged for seeing media or sending messages and how much they are charged. Multiple photos, videos and audio clips on a single profile. Automatic mail filtering. The cost to set up your site is Free! However, 50% of the revenue from your site goes to TheDateHub.


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