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Consumer Credit Counselling Service
Headers: Free debt management Service
The Consumer Credit Counselling Service is a charity that provides a free debt management service for those who are worried about the amount of credit they have. You can use their "Debtcheck" feature, get budgeting advice, read the extensive FAQs or ask your own question.

Debt Councellors
Debt Counsellors are financial advisers offering a complete service on debt management, debt consolidation and IVAs. Debt Councellors was established in the 1990s and is part of Licensed Debt Councellors Ltd. Telephone or enquire online.

National Debtline
Headers: Debt Advice
Free confiential and independent advice on debt problems. The National Debtline is a national telephone helpline for people in England Scotland and Wales and is part of the Money Advice Trust which is a registered charity formed to increase the amount of freee money advice to people with debt problems.

Business Debtline
Headers: Debt Advice
Free confiential and independent advice for businesses on how to deal with debt problems. As well as advice on how to deal with debts and to increase your income, there is a section on how to approach banckruptcy and/or insolvency.

The Insolvency Service
Headers: Bankruptcy, Compulsory Liquidation, Redundancy & Insolvency, Director Disqualification & Restrictions, Companies Investigation Branch, Insolvency Proffession & Legislation, Other Information
Practically all the information you need if you are an individual, a company or a society. There are a huge number of pdf documents you can download for free. There are also several things you can do online such as completeing an appliacation for bankruptcy, finding an official receiver, making a complaint and more.

Direct Gov
Headers: Money, Tax and Benefits
Advice from the government on benefits, taxes, managing money, managing debt, pensions and more.


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