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Modern Chess Strategy by Ludek Pachman Paperback - 313 pages (June 1971)

This classic chess book from 1971 explains how to assess positional concepts, such as the value and placement of pieces, exchanges of material, importance of the centre, flank attacks, dynamical strategy, and how tactical ideas are connected to positional elements. However, more than that it has some very clear insights and principles to tie all of these concepts together. Perhaps one of the best examples of this is Pachman's concept of the 'justified attack'. Stated simply, you can only launch an attack when you have some positional or material justification for doing so. If you attack from a level position then the tactics will not favour you.

This is a great way to decide when to allocate time to think. For example, if your opponent launches an attack and you have used Pachman's principles to decide it was a level position then you can spend time looking for the refutation. And you can conversly spend most time looking for tactics when you assess that you have a justification to attack. At other points in the game you can to stay imperiously aloof from tactical skirmishes! This is in theory of course but you should find that overall this is a book that really can improve your results.

The games are carefully chosen, the explanations are clear and meaningful and this book will enhance your understanding and use of any chess books full of tactical variations that you already have.

Graham Brown is a Freelance Journalist, technical editor of Chess Today and co-author of the Batsford book Chess on the Web


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