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Headers: Cat, Dog, Equine, Bird, Small Animal, Farm, Prescriptions
Animal UK health products for pets and farm animals. In addition to the large non-prescription range, Petmeds also offers prescription items - you can save quite a bit of money by buying these items online rather than from your local vets. Send your prescription by fax, email or post. All prescription medication is dispensed by RCVS regulated Veterinary Surgeons. Petmeds is based in London SE10.
Special Features: Active animal health forum. Plus if you post a question or an answer, you can get 5% discount in the store!
International Delivery Available

Healthy Direct
Headers: Supplements
Huge range of vitamins, minerals and herbal remedies from this health superstore. Goods are dispatched from the Channel Islands which means no VAT - orders are sent in parcels with a value of less than £18. It's hard to find anywhere that is cheaper.
Free Delivery on orders>£10
Special section on Pet Care supplements

B&S House of Health
Headers: Joints & Mobility, Skin Care, Nutritional Oils, Antioxidants, Diet & Fitness, Women's Health, Men's Health, Wellbeing, Vitamins & Minerals, Heart & Circulation,Health Foods, Educational, Pet Care
Large range of health supplements at competitive prices. They operate a "smart service" whereby you can have your usual supplements delivered to you automatically. Everyday answers to common heath questions dealt with the the Healthnotes section. Buy online or request a catalogue. BS House of Health is based in Thornton Heath, Surrey.
Special Features: Free personalised health report. Simply ring their free 0800 phone number for free health information, personalised health assessment report, individual diet plan and nutritional advice and support!
International Delivery Available

Vitamins Direct
Headers: Articles, Vitamins, Joint Care, Heart & Circulation, Im mune System, Feeling Good, Looking Good, Pet Health, Bookstore, Accessories
Excellent range of vitamins, minerals and supplements at very attractive prices. Quick and easy navigation. Booklets are free plus there is a very wide range of health articles on the site. The website is also speech-enabled. Vitamins Direct is based in Jersey.
Free Delivery

Headers: Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Fish, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Other Small Animals, Products For Pet Owners, Hard to Find ...
This site is much more than an online pets products shop, although they do sell a very wide range of pet accessories and pet food at competitive prices. Based in Livingston, Scotland, is a wholly online company founded in 1999 to provide information and services for pet owners. You will find here a whole host of information from breed profiles to behavior and health & welfare. They even have a children's section and a free re-homing service.
Free Delivery on orders >£29

Think Natural
Headers: Aromatherapy, Natural Health Remedies, Beauty, Bodycare, Haircare, Flower Remedies & Homeopathy, Books/CDs, Herbal Remedies, Men's Health, Natural Home, Pets, Pregnancy & Kids, Royal London Homeopathic Hospital Intl Ltd, Sex, Slimming & Detox, Vitamins, Minerals & Other Supplements, Women's Health
Many of us are now turning to more natural products, whether it is cleaning products, cosmetics or natural health remedies. ThinkNatural provide not only a very large range natural products for just about any area of everyday life you can think of, but also a huge number of articles on nearly all aspects of health and lifestyle. ThiinkNatural is based in West Lothian.


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