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Photography Information/Resources
Reviews and ratings of quality, hand-picked, websites

Headers: Articles, Photo Courses, Q&A, Galleries, Discussions, Buyers guide, Reviews
This attractive US site is has lots of hints and tips on film and digital photography (click on articles). You can sign up to become a member (free) and get a email newsletter, submit your photos, discuss images and more.

Camera Clubs
Headers: Find a club, Club Services, Links
If you are looking for a camera club near you, you might like to check out this site which lists hundreds of UK clubs.

The Dagguerreian Society
Headers: Galleries, Resources, Society Information
If you are interested in daguerreotype, then you might like to visit this American site, which is devoted to it. There are pictures and articles from techniques to the history of daguerreotype.

Digital Photgraphy Reviews
Headers: News, Reviews, Cameras, Timeline, Buying Guide, Galleries, Forums, Learn, Glossary, Feedback, Newsletter
If you are thinking of buying a new digital camera, then you might like to have a look at this site which reviews and gives technical information on all the latest cameras, as well as articles on lighting, techniques and printing.

Foto Info
Headers: B & W Chemistry, Technical Info, Shooting Info, General Info, Index & Search, Share Your Techniques, Show Your Work, Reviews, Digital Info
Lots of information on photographic techniques from basic to advanced. Articles include single use cameras, infrared photography, understanding fixer formulations, colour theory plus many more.

National Museum of Photography
Headers: Visitor information, Education, Museum guide, Collections & research centre, What's on
The National Museum of Photography is located in Bradford. There is masses of information here that is of interest to photographers and educators, including notes on various types of photography, both digital and traditional, plus photographic techniques. Click on "Digital Schools" for a comprehensive guide to digital imaging. Well worth a visit.

The Royal Photographic Society
Headers: News, Membership, Distinctions, Eshinitions, Collection
For the more serious photographers out there. You can join online. Membership benefits include 2 free magazines and the entitlement to various events.

Silverlight Photography
Headers: Basic Photography tutorials
This is a very basic, no nonsense, site but has lots of clearly laid out articles/tutorials for "traditional" SLR photographers, from a brief history of photography to darkroom techniques.

Headers: Chat Room, Current Events, Astrophotography for the Beginner, My Astrophotos, My Equipment, Links
This is an article for absolute beginners in astrophotography, using a 35mm camera.

Steve Norvich
Headers: Articles, Image of the Month, Links (Add Yours), Slide Show, Send a Postcard, Trip Reports, Marine Photographer Survey
Lots of images plus useful articles and reports for the marine photographer.

Taking Better Photos
Headers: Advice for the beginner, Your photos
This site is ideal for the beginner and for children wishing to take up photography. Information on both digital and SLR photography.

Victoria & Albert Museum - Photography
Headers: Photographer's stories, Theme tours, Personal tours, Photographic Processes, Photographers
In addition to being able to take a virtual tour of selected V&A prints, you can also read through their articles on photographic processes from albumin prints to photogravure. Very attractive site.


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