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Private Healthcare UK
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This is an extremely useful site where you can obtain information about private hospitals, specialists, clinics etc in the UK. You can find out typical costs for going private, or get a quote for an operation.

BMI Healthcare
BMI Healthcare is a group of 49 acute care private patient hospitals around the United Kingdom with over 2,400 beds. There are a number of payment methods available: private medical insurance, self pay schemes, cash plans or the BMI card.

Headers: Health insurance, Financial protection, Hospitals, Cosmetic surgery, Care homes, Health assessments, Childcare
BUPA is an international health and care company with bases on three continents. It is a provident association, (BUPA stands for British United Provident Association) which means that BUPA does not have shareholders and reinvests its surpluses into improved health and care facilities.

Nuffield Hospitals
Nuffield Hospitals was established in 1957 and is a not for profit organisation and a registered charity. Nuffield Hospitals does not have shareholders and reinvest surpluses back into improved health services. You can pay via medical insurance, fixed price direct, pay as you go or via personal medical loans.


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