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Anarchy Online ScreenshotAnarchy Online: Science fiction themed multiplayer online role playing game




Astro Wars: Free Online Strategy Game

Control Monger: Kill or be killed! Free online first person shooter game

Cosmic Encounter: Fantasy role playing. Play against alien bots, real players or real aliens!

FootieManager: Online football (soccer) management simulation where football fans and games players can test their skills at managing a football team.

Hitch Hikers Guide: Interactive adventure game

Illumia RPG: Free online graphical role playing game

Kuma\War: 70+ war games. Playable re-creations of real war events

Legend of the Green Dragon: Browser based role playing game based on Seth Able's Legend of the Red Dragon

Mobster: This is a new free web based multiplayer online game based on the real gangster life. Browser based game.

Nation States: Free nation simulation game.

Pirate Quests: Pirate Quests is a free turn based multi player online strategy Pirate Game.

Scorched Earth 2000: Scorched Earth 2000 is a remake of the old classic game by Wendell Hicken. Online multiplayer support (up to 8 people), high scores table and a community big enough to make finding opponents easy.

Shadowmere: 100% Free Play Online Strategy Game

Sim City: Build your own city

Star Wars Combine: Free online role laying simulation game.

The Mafia Boss: Multiplayer online role playing game

The Maze: Find the shortest route throught the maze - based on the bookk Maze by Christopher Manson.

Travian: A browser game with a world full of thousands of users who all begin as the leaders of small villages ...

WarOnline: Free online web based war strategy game

Wolfenstein: First person 3d shooting game.

World of Warcraft: Players assume the roles of Warcraft heroes as they explore, adventure, and quest across a vast world.
Warcraft Leveling Guides - Warcraft Leveling Guides, Warcraft Gold Guides and Warcraft Guide Reviews, some of the best are Joanas Guide, Brian Kopps Guide, World of Warcraft Cash Creating Guide, Ultimate World of Warcraft and Warcraft Mastery!

Wulfram: Free online multiplayer game. 3D action and strategic warfare. Collaborate with your team to defeat the enemy.

Zanpo: City simulation game. Build your own virtual city.


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