Quotation MarkThe best car safety device is a rear-view mirror with a cop in it
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- Dudley Moore

Quotation MarkTo attract men, I wear a perfume called New Car Interior
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- Rita Rudner

Quotation MarkHell is a place where the motorists are French, the policemen are German, and the cooks are English
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- Anon

Traffic Information
Reviews and ratings of quality, hand-picked, UK websites

The AA
Headers: Breakdown Cover, Insurance, Loans & Credit Cards, Travel, Motoring Advice, Driving School, For Businesses
As well as products and services for sale online, the AA website has 30,000+ pages of useful information including route finder, motoring information, journey planning, descriptions of over 2,500 golf courses across Britain and Ireland, walk and bike rides, events and attractions. The usual AA services are here plus you can do other things, such as book driving lessons, perform a car data check, or even buy a car online. They also do finance and other motoring services. Also on the site are Insurance quote calculators, car-running costs etc etc. The AA also offers European breakdown cover.

Directgov - Travel Services
Headers: Travelling Abroad, Travel in the UK
There is a lot of useful information here for travellers and motorists. For example, if you are thinking of travelling abroad and want to know if there are any vaccinations needed, or if you are looking for current traffic information, you will find the answer here. The public transport information section works very well.

Highways Agency
Headers: Traffic Information England - Current Traffic Conditions, Traffic Forecaster
Traffic condtions for the whole of England.

Scotland's National Driver Information
Headers: Traffic Information
Run by the Scottish Executive, this site gives up to the minute traffic information for roads in Scotland.

Traffic Wales Website
Headers: Traffic Information
Run by the Welsh Assembly, this website gives up to the minute traffic information for the roads in Wales. The site is in both English and Welsh.


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