Quotation Mark I travelled among unknown men In lands beyond the sea; Nor, England! did I know till then What love I bore to thee -
End QuoteWilliam Wordsworth

Travel Information - Health
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Headers: Prevention, Clots, Risk, Progress, Science
This site is devoted to the discussion of deep vein thrombosis, sometimes called "economy class syndrome" and which some air travellers may be concerned about. There is lots of information on exactly what DVT is, how to prevent it and what the risk factors are. Also the latest news and research.

Headers: Diet & Fitness, Beauty, Premium, Fragrance, Health, Baby, Toys, Mens, Travel, Photo, Electrical, Gifts
Boots online store stocks over 10,000 items, including Boots' exclusive brands plus a wide range of products that you will not find in a Boots store, from pushchairs to fitness equipment. Click on travel and not only will you find sunscreen, but luggage, beachwear and more. You can even buy your travel insurance here. Lots of advice and information on a variety of subjects. You can also sign up for a Boots advantage card and get points when you shop. Boots usually have several online offers and clearance bargains.
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Department of Health - Travel
Headers: Introduction, Latest health updates, General health advice, Planning ahead, Getting treatment
Information for travellers from the Department of Health regarding staying healthy and getting medical treatment elsewhere in the world.

Fit for Travel
Headers: World map, Africa, Asia, Austrasia, Caribbean, Centra America, Europe, Middle East, North America, South America
This is a public access website provided by the Scottish NHS and provides health information for travellers worldwide. It gives safety advice and details of any health concerns for travellers and all the immunisations you will need.

Foreign & Commonwealth Office - Travel
Headers: News,Travel Advice, Risk of Terrorism, Before You Go, While You Are There, If It All Goes Wrong, Campaign and Partners, FAQs
This government site gives information about all countries regarding crime, local laws and customs, entry requirements, health issues, contact details and general travel tips. You can even access travel advice from other governments. There is also a section about what you should do/what happens if things go horribly wrong whilst you are away - for example if you should find yourself jail!

Directgov - Travel Services
Headers: Travelling Abroad, Travel in the UK
There is a lot of useful information here for travellers and motorists. For example, if you are thinking of travelling abroad and want to know if there are any vaccinations needed, or if you are looking for current traffic information, you will find the answer here. The public transport information section works very well.

Headers: Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Fish, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Other Small Animals, Products For Pet Owners, Hard to Find ...
This site is much more than an online pets products shop, although they do sell a very wide range of pet accessories and pet food at competitive prices. Based in Livingston, Scotland, Petplanet.co.uk is a wholly online company founded in 1999 to provide information and services for pet owners. You will find here a whole host of information from breed profiles to behavior and health & welfare. They even have a children's section and a free re-homing service.
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Essential information on taking your pet abroad


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