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Why do you need travel insurance?

1. Medical expenses. If you have an accident or fall ill while abroad you could be faced with a hefty bill, especially if the country you are visiting has no reciprocal health arrangement with the UK. And even if it has you could still be out of pocket. Go to the Getting medical treatment around the world section of the Department of Health Website to find out the status of the country you are visiting.
2. Loss of property including baggage, personal property, passports and money.
3. Repatriation costs
4. Delayed flights
5. Third party damage

Not all policies give the same amount of cover and some will carry an excess. Check the policy details carefully before you buy to see exactly what is and what isn't covered. For example, you might want to find out if cancellation cover is included (if it is you might want the insurance to start from the day you book). Be up front with your insurer and tell them know exactly the type of holiday you intend to take and also if you have any pre-existing medical conditions.

Types of travel cover

1. Single trip.
2. Annual - if you intend to take several trips in the year. Check how many days abroad the policy covers you for as this is not the same for all policies.
3. Family policies will cover both parents and children (under 18s). Again not all family policies offer the same amount of cover, so check the policy.
4. Business travel insurance. Typically this is annual cover.
5. Over 65s travel insurance.
6. Winter sports travel insurance is the insurance you want if you intend to go skiing or snowboarding. Some policies will cover you for more extreme sports such as bobsleigh and tobogganing.
7. Adventure travel insurance policies are tailor made for more extreme activities and therefore offer more suitable cover than general travel insurance policies.
8. Backpackers/Gap Year travel insurance is different from other travel insurance in that the stay abroad is likely to be extened for long periods. When you get a quote you will be asked for the period of travel.
9. Specialised medical cover is for people who have an existing medical condition
10. Extra insurance for baggage if you have items whose value exceeds the standard limit set by your other travel insurance.
11. Specialised cover such a Golf travel insurance.

As with all insurance policies, its a good idea to check exactly what is covered before you buy.

EHIC cards

This stands for European Health Insurance Card which you can get from your local post office, by telephone 0845 606 2030 or online here. This entitles you to benefit from the reciprocal health agreements that operate between some European countries which means that any medical bills you incur will be reduced. Quite often any insurance excess you would otherwise have had to pay will be waived by the insurance company if you have one of these cards. Check the policy. Please note that an EHIC card is not an alternative to travel insurance - very often not all medical expenses are covered by any agreement with the UK.

Quick tip:
Travel agents tend to charge more for travel insurance than speicialised insurance companies.

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