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Council for National Parks - Park Websites
Headers: National Parks
Click on any of the parks and you will get information on where to stay, what to do and see, travel and where to eat. There are also publications for sale with more detailed information on various aspects of the parks.

Countryside & Rights of Way Act 2000
A summary of CROW can be found on the Ramblers Association website.

Countryside Council for Wales
Headers: Our work, News, Events & Meetings, Places to visit, Offices & People, Publications & Research
The Countryside Council for Wales is the wildlife conservation authority for Wales, with the responsibily for reporting to government. Their work encompasses a range of areas from earth sicence to wildlife protection to marine environments, and the site contains detailed, easily assessible and very readable, information on the work they do. The site also has advice and information, including maps, on the 67 nature reserves, 3 national trails and thousands of public footpaths throughout Wales.

English Nature
Headers: Wildlife, Publications & Maps, Special sites, Nature on the Map, Lathkill Dale NNR virtual tour, SSSI information, Volunteer information, Geological sites, Nature for Schools
English Nature is a government agency with the aim of conserving wildlife, geology and wild places in England. There is detailed information on all areas of England. Click on special sites for access details of national and local nature reserves, geological sites plus details of guided walks and events.

Independent Backpackers Hostels Scotland
Headers: Hostel Search, FAQ, Travel, News, Links, Jobs, Downloads
This site is a gateway to more than 120 hostels in Scotland that cater for backpackers. You can search or pull up a complete listing of hostels. The site also contains information about public transport in Scotland, festivals and events, plus you can also download (for free) a printer friendly 14 page pdf of "The Blue Guide" which is a full list of all the hostels including addresses, phone numbers, prices and notes.

Northern Ireland Tourist Board
Headers: Things to See, Activities, Where to Stay, Food, Entertainment, Events, Aspects of Culture, Travel, Touring Ideas, Key Destinations, Information Centres
This is a nice fast loading site from the Northern Ireland Tourist Board. Plenty of accomodation links from hotels to campsites plus places to eat throughout the region. It also lists pubs, cinemas, night clubs and so forth as well as events such as festivals and sporting events. And thats not all. There is an enormous amount of information on where to go and things to do from birdwatching to sailing - if you click on "Activities" and then "search" you will get a longer activities list. Plus travel information. Excellent site.

The Ramblers Association
Headers: Newsroom, Info, Join, Walking Groups, Campaigns, Scotland, Wales
Fancy a walk? Join the Ramblers Association here.

Scottish Natural Heritage
Headers: Strategy and research, Working with others, News & views, Naturally Scottish
This rather beautiful site is operated by the official body responsible for protecting and safeguarding the natural heritage in Scotland, in particular "its natural, genetic and scenic diversity". Consequently there is a lot of information on the site about the natural heritage, including wildlife, geology and landscape, in Scotland - click on "Naturally Scottish" to get information on the various Scottish regions.

Scottish Tourist Board
Headers: About Scotland, Accomodation, Travel, What to see and do, Travel trade
There is lots of information about Scotland here including geography, history, arts and culture. There are an enormous number of activites described, from retrotouring at Fort William to sporting activities to wildlife. There are itineraries for people touring Scotland plus descriptions of hundreds of restaurants, cafes and places of interest. The website itself is extremely well designed and easy to use.

Walking Wild Scotland
Headers: Club, Access, Shop, Walk Safely, Links, Press, Competition, Walking News, Virtual Walks
If you are thinking of a walking holiday in Scotland, then we would definitely recommend Walking Wild. And if you are not sure whether to have a walking holiday in Scotland, then this site will almost certainly persuade you to go! Apart from the virtual walks, which are stunning, there is so much information and advice plus you can buy guided walks or sign up for their e mail newsletter. Or, if you are feeling lucky, try out their competition.

The Woodland Trust
Headers: Our magazine, Our woods, Campaigns, Get involved, Support us, Publications, Discovery
The Woodland Trust (President: Clive Anderson) is a conservation charity dedicated to the protection of the UK's native woodland heritage. Click on "Our Woods" to get information on over a thousand woods in England, Wales and Scotland. You can also buy woodland guides online.


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