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Lucid Images
Headers: Photo Gallery, Images in Depth, Articles, Product Reviews
Lucid Images is a US wildlife photography company run by Jan Allinder and Deb Hensen. They provide a series of "how to" articles on wildlife photography, including editing digital images, and, if you need inspiration, have a look at their extensive library of wildlife images.

Ken McVay Photography
Headers: Articles, Photography Tips, Galleries, Selected Links
Ken McVay specialises in nature and wildlife photography and there are lots of stunning images plus a collection of tips and advice for the novice wildlife photographer.

Nature Photography
Headers: Gallery, Where to, How to
This delightful website is the work of the wildlife photographer Rollin Verlinde. As well as viewing his images, you can also read his witty descriptions of how the images were taken.

Headers: Overview, Portfolio, Community, Search, Photo Tips
This site is run by the US wildlife photogapher Justin Moore. In addition to lots of stunning images, Justin provides a series of articles on wildlife photography.


Wildlife Images

Arctic Photo Net
Stunning images of Arctiv wildlife from Norway and the Antarctic. Most of the pictures where taken by Norwegian photographer Tor Ivan Karlsen.

Kevin Thom Photographer
Ken Thom is a professional photographer with many interests, wildlife being one of them. Check out his Nature gallery here.

This is the website of Don Ellis and contains around 900 photographs, not all wildlife but including some stunning nature images. Well work checking out.

Wild Things Photography
Really super wildlife images from John Hyde - take inspiration or just admire!

My Tiny Garden
An amazing flash site with dozens of insect images. Use the magnifying glass to zoom in on images.

Natural History Pictures
Excellent wildlife photographs from John Robinson who won the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award in 1985. There is a number of photographs of Birds, European Mammals, Butterflies, Reptiles, Plants and Amphibians that you can see online. Although John has a library of over 20,000 photographs you can view only a limited number online. The photographs are for sale.


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