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When I first went looking for a small program that could sit in my system tray and give me weather forecasts for my local area, Google seemed to produce a huge number of choices ...
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  For weather stations please see our Weather Stations page.
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What is Dew Point TemperatureWhat   exactly is the dew point temperature? Read our article to find out .
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Weather ForecastsUK and Worldwide weather websites reviewed and rated

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SundialsA brief history of Sundials, some useful sites and sundials to make and buy.

Barometers on the web

TorricelliItalian physicist and mathematician Evangelista Torricelli (1608-1647) invented the principle of the barometer. He is also famous for discovering the intriging Gabriel's horn, which has infinite surface area but a finite volume! This caused much argument among chattering mathematical circles. There is an explanation at the excellent Ask Dr Math site which I can't understand but then I can't even understand the question! On a more mundane note The Torr, a unit of pressure, is named after him. The Pascal is the most used unit of pressure but the Torr is still used in low-pressure engineering. Now that fact is surely trivial to most of us, but it may win you a prize in some quiz or other so don't knock it ... more on Torricelli from GAP.

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One of the best places for weather related products, with every conceivable type of weather station device from ones you put on your wrist to full weather stations. All the leading brands are represented. Meteorologica Ltd is based in Morecambe, Lancs.

Headers: Books, Electronics & Photo, Music, DVD, Video, Software, PC & Video Games, Home & Garden, Toys & Games
Although associated mostly with books of which they have a huge stock, covering nearly all subjects, Amazon now sells virtually everything. And their prices are surprisingly good. The electrical goods, for example, are very competitively priced. The site is very easy to navigate and there are also a huge selection of useful, and usually well written reviews for products. You can also search for goods available in the auction department plus you can get good deals from the many used items sold at Amazon.
Special Features: 30 returns policy.
Free Delivery on most orders >£15

Headers: Furniture, Homewares, Household Appliances, Sound & Vision, Office PC & Phone, Photography, Sports & Leisure, DIY Garden & Pets, Toys & Games, Baby, Personal Care, Jewellery & Watches
The retail giant Argos sells an enormous range of (mostly) household goods and usually at very competitive prices. Also, they very often have sales on, so its always worth while checking out the website if you can't get down to your nearest store - I know we've managed to get some good bargains in the past! The site is fast loading and easy to navigate. Argos was founded in 1973 and now has over 500 stores throughout the UK and Ireland. Argos is headquartered in Stafford.
Special Features: Free 16 returns days policy for non faulty items. Either return to your nearest store or they will collect free of charge. You can also set up gift lists with Argos for weddings, anniversaries etc.

Maplin Electronics
Headers: Blank Media, Cables, Components, Computers, Home & Office, In Car, Outdoor Leisure, Sound & vision, Tools & Service, Toys & Kits
Audio, video, electronic and computer products, components and accessories, all available online. Especially good for components and more obscure electronic bits and bobs. Plenty of gadgets and gizmos also. You can order the famous Maplin catalogue online, either in paper form or on cd. Maplin currently has 75 retail stores throughout the UK and Ireland.
Free Delivery on orders >£35


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