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Quotation Mark The art of change ringing is peculiar to the English,
and, like most English peculiarities, unintelligible
to the rest of the world ...

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There are several programmes that you can watch online from the BBC
Phil's Bells
The Bells, the bells....
Bellringing in Alton
Ride like the Clappers

Colin Ashworth's Web Site
Colin Ashworth is the Head of Music at Sir Christopher Hatton School, Wellingborough. His simple, elegant, fastloading site has a wealth of information about music and, in particular, assorted educational rescources. The GCSE Music syllabus is covered with just the right mixture of authority and fun. There are worksheets, quizzes, explainations, sound files - and, to top it all, some excellent links to other sites.Bellringing is treated in the same way. Bellringing in the Classroom is an interesting looking lesson plan to introduce bellringing to students. Again the links are of a high quality.

Croston Bellringers Web Site
Croston Lancashire is located on the A581 mid way between Chorley and Southport. Clean, easy to use site with ringing times, maps and an interesting history of the bells. Apparently they were rung to give news of the Battle of the Boyne, also when the King returned from Ireland after concluding the treaty of Limerick. Also, the capture of Namur, the 5th of November, the king's coronation day, and the queen's birthday were all observed. The ringers were liberally paid for this!

Moulton Training Centre Homepage 
moulton training centre
Headers: Our Mission Statement and Sponsors, An Introduction to what we do and why, General ringing times at Moulton, Future simulator training sessions at Moulton, . Booking the Simulator and arranging talks, links to other ringing related sites.
Homepage of the Moulton Training Centre in Moulton Northants which is dedicated to trying to recuit new learners. In recent years a number of grants have been provided to set up simulators which allow the bells to be rung so that the ringers can hear the bells inside (an artificial note provided by the simulator), but the bells are not audible outside. This is useful as it allows extra practice sessions to 'bring on' new learners. This site is to promote their local tower and its simulator. Check out our Bellringing webnews page for further details of this site.

Change Ringing Resources
Headers: Latest Additions, Associations, Broken Links, Carillons, Central Council, Compositions, Computing, Dove's Guide, Education, Events, Founders, Fun, Handbells, Historical, Mailing Lists, Methods, Miscellaneous, Peal Records, People & Places, Private Rings, Products, Publications, Recordings, Ringers' Pages, Societies, Tower Pages, Travel, Tributes, Webmaster.
Pure Tim Berners-Lee pleasing hypertext in full default style fonts headings and blue links. This is a brilliant site, full of interesting content and not a graphic to be seen! The web at it's best.

Headers: Ringing in Liverpool, Wirral, Merseeyside, SE Lancs
Merseybells is a calendar service for bell ringing in the Liverpool area, including south Lancashire and the Wirral in Cheshire. Join Merseybells' email list for reminders about events, and discussions about ringing in the Merseybells area.

Minor Strikerz!
Features -Articles about different aspects of ringing, Tips -Useful tips for your ringing, Interviews -Well-known ringers get grilled, Methods -Mad methods to try and get your head round, Quiz -Test your ringing knowledge with brainteasing trivia, Unusual Towers -Not to be missed: unusual towers from around the world, Dictionary -A dictionary of terms used in ringing, Poems -A short anthology of ringing poems, Links -Links to other brilliant ringing sites.
This is a site that disobeys some of the so called web design "rules". For example it has multi coloured text on wild backgrounds that you can hardly read in places. But it gets away with it ... and what a brilliant site it is. Full of great content and it is updated frequently also. Firstly there are the feature articles including one on "Big Ben" one on James W. Washbrook, mini rings, bells abroad, Tower grabbing, oranges and lemons and the list goes on. Then there are some useful tips for your ringing. There is a very interesting interview with the editor of the Ringing World, oh just go to the site and check it out!

Ringing Online
Ringing Online is not only a great general site for all bellringers, it also contains the websites of Penwortham Saint Mary's and Preston Saint John's Parish Church ringers, both located in Preston. I looked at the Penwortham site first and especially liked the random fact button and the fact that everything you want to know about them such as Who, What, Where etc is easy to find. Also included is a nice little potted history and some great links. There is a Contact Form to enquire about whether they are ringing on a certain day, or simply just to contact them or recommend a link. The Preston Saint John's site follows the same easy to use layout. Again, visitors are welcome, just use their Contact Form to get in touch.


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