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See Also: Wildlife Gardening

Established in 2001. They mow in Stroud and also Painswick and Minchinhampton and Stonehouse and Nailsworth, and everywhere in between.

Carry on Gardening
Pots of information, help, tips and advice on gardening and on gardening tools.

Or, A Modern Herbal by Mrs M Grieve. A Modern Herbal was first published in 1931 and contains medicinal, culinary, cosmetic, cultivation and folk lore of herbs. More than 800 varieties of herbs and plants listed plus recipes and poisons indexes. Beuatifully illustarated and free to use.

The Plant Press
Headers: Encyclopedia, Gardening with Wildlife, Common Names
A free encyclopedia of some 5,000 plants with more than 15,000 images. This a UK based encyclopedia and is maintained by Plant Press Ltd which publishes gardening databases on CD. Excellent.

On the site you will find an "At a glance guide" to the gardening week plus lots of information and advice on plants and equipment and gardening tips by Alan Titchmarsh and Charlie Dimmock. You can also get regular care tip emails from Alan Titchmarsh.

Doctor Greenfingers
Excellent for beginners as there are oodles of "how to" articles on most aspects of gardening. Plus a month by month guide to what you should be doing in the garden, advice on buying seed, how to get your lawn looking good, get rid of pests .....................  and lots more.

Garden Action
The website has "at a glance" planting guides for veg, herbs and fruit plus a month by month guide to what you should be doing in the garden. No detailed "how to guides" for the gardening newbies out there.

Garden Advice
Here you can get lots of free advice, information and projects, covering all aspects of gardening. If you have a particular query, you can submit it to get some free gardening adive.

Very useful plant directory plus gardening advice and information.

Garden Organic
Lots of information not just on organic gardening (of which there are many) but also on the wider issues of organic agriculture worldwide. Plus resources for schools. Most of the information on the site is free, but to access the members area you have to subscribe. Garden Organic is operated by the Henry Doubleday Research Association.

Kids Organic club
For children. Here they can learn in a fun and interactive way about organic foods and organic agriculture plus they can learn how to make an insect garden.

Organic Uk
Whether you are new to fruit and vegetable growing or a bit of an expert, there is something for you here. There is a forum where you can post queries, read articles or give advice.

Plants For A Future
Fucussing on rare and unusual plants, partiuclarly ones you can eat or have medicinal uses. There is a 7000 plant database that you can download if you want plus general articles on plants and gardening. Excellent.

The Gardeners Calendar
What you should be doing in the garden, month by month, plus lots of gardening guides. There is also a 7 day moon planting guide which you can receive as an RSS feed. (Not sure what an RSS feed is? Look here)

The Royal Horticultural Society
If you are looking for information on plants, look no further. The RHS has a huge plant database plus a superb plantfinder. You can also become a member of the RHS online and buy plants from them.


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