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Internet Service Providers - Dial Up
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AOL Anytime
Headers: Dial-up Internet Connection
AOL Anytime dial-up access gives you unlimited time online and access to AOL’s services and features with no Internet call charges.
• Special Offers: One month free trial

My Internet Pass
Headers: Prepaid Dial Up Internet Access
Prepaid internet access - no phone bill! Options are ‘30-days Anytime’ and ‘2000 minutes Anytime’, both of which are priced at £10.00 GBP each. No subscriptions, hardware or software needed and you can use the pass from any computer with a modem. Buy the pass online and access the internet using the freephone number supplied.


Of Interest to Dial Up users:

Headers: Internet connection software
Onspeed is compression technology software that claims to speed your dial up connection to speeds comparable with broadband. Onspeed also claims the software will speed up any internet connection including dial-up, ISDN, ADSL, GSM, GPRS and wireless connections. The software has been endorsed by Computeractive, PC Answers and PC Advisor amongst others. It can be installed on PC or Mac, works with your existing ISP and costs £24.99 per year. You download Onspeed and you can choose to have auto-install. You can also check your system to make sure it reaches the miniumum requirements before you buy.


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