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Satellite broadband is ideal for people in remote areas who cannot get a standard ADSL broadband connection.

There are 2 types of satellite connection.

With a one-way satellite internet connection you can only receive information from the internet via satellite. You will still have to have a standard dial up connection to transmit data such as sending emails, playing games or surfing the net. However it is not necessary to have your dial up service connected when you are simply downloading files, once the request has been made.

With a 2-way satellite internet connection there is no need for a telephone connection at all as information is both uploaded and downloaded via satellite. The catch is that this is a much more expensive option and is really aimed at businesses.


Headers: One Way Satellite Internet Connection
Broadband download speeds wherever you are, so this is particularly uselful for those in non boradband areas. This technology is now available throughout Europe and skyDSL is offering 3 packages:
Classic: from £4.57 per month. Download speeds up to 1MB available.
Premium: from £27.90 per month. Download speeds up to 4MB available.
Professional: from £32.90 per month. Download speeds up to 16MB available.
All packages currently have a setup fee of £0.00.

Headers: 2- way Satellite Internet Connection
This is a more expensive satellite option. With this solution you do not need a telephone line as data is uploaded and downloaded via satellite. Monthly cost is from £99 with a set up cost of £2500.

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Headers: Internet connection software
Onspeed is compression technology software that claims to speed your dial up connection to speeds comparable with broadband. Onspeed also claims the software will speed up any internet connection including dial-up, ISDN, ADSL, GSM, GPRS and wireless connections. The software has been endorsed by Computeractive, PC Answers and PC Advisor amongst others. It can be installed on PC or Mac, works with your existing ISP and costs £24.99 per year. You download Onspeed and you can choose to have auto-install. You can also check your system to make sure it reaches the miniumum requirements before you buy.


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