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Graham Brown takes a regular look around the UK web.
Graham is a Freelance Journalist and co-author of the Batsford book Chess on the Web

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Speedy Safari comes to Windows

The webbrowser that those Apple afficianados have been using is claimed to be quicker than IE and Firefox. It also offers things such as tabs, RSS feeds and popup blocking.
It's now come to Windows and it's free at

Petrol Prices - Find the cheapest petrol prices in your area for free!

Talking Sport
Talk Sport have a new podcast page. At the moment they have The Best of the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast and the The Mother of all Podcasts - George Galloway with more to come.
If you would like to know more about podcasts check out our podcasting article


Renée Gentry's eBay Journal is for eBay buyers and sellers. Learn how to get started on eBay...and how to get better. How-to, hints, and help. The show is a free podcast
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare podcast one Act at a time! Full text, full cast! Voices from Los Medanos College, Antioch Classical Theatre Company, & Antioch High School.

For more about Podcasts see our new Podcasting page

Free Lecture -

If you like motivational speakers and even perhaps if you don't, check out Joe Costello, CEO of think3:"So You Want to Be an Entrepreneur"

In an entertaining talk, he gives the secrets of how to make the most out of what you've got — whether it be in business, sport or anything. The Lecture lasts 50 minutes with a 20 minute Q&Q and is beautifully filmed. You can find it on this page about 3/4 of the way down. There are also a lot of other excellent lectures there too!

Here are the direct links to the lecture:
Windows Media (high-bandwidth):
Lecture | Q&A
Windows Media (low-bandwidth):
Lecture | Q&A
Lecture | Q&A

Camera Work: Check out this amazing camera looking high over Lyons in France. You can move the camera right and left and up and down and use the powerful zoom also. If there is a queue then the seconds until it is your go are shown.

And now for something completely different: a camera that is nowhere near as sophisticated as the first 2. But it's curiously compelling. It's just a shop cam from a printing shop! and if that's not enough then they have a street cam also!

Free Text:
Sometimes it is very useful to be able to text someone's mobile-phone from your computer. It's quicker to type your message, and you don't even have to pay! There are plenty of sites offering the service but it is quite difficult to find one that doesn't want you to fill out all sorts of forms, wait for passwords to be emailed to you, ask you what you had for breakfast etc etc etc first. But I found a good one the other day which is really quick and easy to use. Just go to


You can even check if your message was received by the recipient using their delivery confirmation system , and check for replies with their free replies system . No fuss sms.

The Fonts of All Knowlege: Wikipedia is a portmanteau which is a word formed by combining two or more words. In this case wiki and encyclopedia .

And a wiki is a web application that allows users to add content, as on an Internet forum, but also allows anyone to edit the content. The term Wiki also refers to the collaborative software used to create such a website ( see Wiki software ).

I know that because I looked it up in the brilliant Wikipedia which is an online encyclopedia that can be " wiki "ed 
read more

TV Sluth:
Yahoo TV Search
is a super free way to check what's on TV. To test it out I typed "Columbo" and found 3 episodes on during the next 7 days. You can even add them to your yahoo calendar (also free) to remind you to watch them.

Pity I've seen all three episodes before but you get the picture!

You can also get a muli channel listing of what's on now and normal listings. Only problem is that whilst it does list all the terrestrial TV channels it only lists the following satellite channels. S4C UK Gold Sky One Sky Premier Sky MovieMax Sky Cinema Sky Sports 1 Sky Sports 2 Sky Sports 3 Eurosport MTV UK Film 4 Nickelodeon Cartoon Network The Disney Channel Fox Kids Discovery Channel Paramount Comedy Granada Plus Sci-Fi (cable & Sky Digital)

Yet another 100% free Browser!: FastStone 4in1 Browser is another free Web Browser. It even has some rather nice features that the others don't. You can do things like capture the whole length of a webpage to the clipboard. It even has a a built-in Web Server, a fully functional FTP Client and a drag & drop Image Viewer.

But apart from these features it is a really fast and usuable browser with tabs, it's stable, and 100% Free. It also has no Adware or Spyware.

Features: Four programs (Web Browser, Web Server, FTP Client and Image Viewer) are integrated in one application, Multi-Window Browsing, Full IE Compatibility, Capture scrolling web pages, Records Cleaner, Web Server with password protection, Fully functional FTP Client to transfer files between your computer and servers, Drag and Drop Image Viewer with a crystal-clear magnifier support, Screen Capture And Much more

Let em have it !: If you have a gripe and can't find pen, paper, 30p stamp then try the writetothem website. All you have to do is type your postcode you are given the details of your District Councilor, County Councilor, MP, MEP etc. Then if you click their name you can Fax them direct.

There are wise words of caution! These include: Please be polite, concise and to the point, By abusing your MP you devalue the service for all users, Use your own words. MPs will ignore copied and pasted 'identikit' messages,

But then again, within reason, we say let em have it!

Sheep!: Check out the BBC's science page if you want to test your reaction time. You have to tranquilise sheep when they start to dash! Then see whether you are a Sluggish Snail, an Ambling Armadillo, a Bobbing Bobcat, a Rocketing Rabbit, or best of all ... a Turbo Charged Cheetah!



If you like a game that is easy to pick up but still challenging then check out the Juggler ...

Nothing to shoot or drive, all you have to do is keep the balls in the air by moving the mouse left to right and making sure the paddle is under each one as it falls.

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