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 Quote Backgammon on the Web
Quotation MarkHistory, Free Video Lessons online, Where to play for free, Books and Stuff, Playing for Money.
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lecturerThere are all sorts of free Lectures and Talks on the web. In this article I want to take a look at specific examples of lectures and some of the main sites. These sites cover all sorts of subjects at all levels, from hobbies and general interest right up to Degree level and beyond!
Lectures on the Web


Podcasting - Podcasting is a method of distributing files, such as audio programs or music videos, over the Internet. Then they are played using mobile devices such as mp3 players and personal computers.

Wikipedia - Fonts of knowledge
Chess Webwatch
- Latest Chess Today added.
Webwatch - Yahoo TV Listings
Non Geographic Telephone Numbers - What are they?
Quotations on the web
Pop Up Windows


Primates - Article and Websites on Primates.
How Telescopes Work - A simple explaination.
The Trachtenberg Method - An amazing man and his method.
Bellringing Article 1 - A non ringers look at a very English pastime.
Getting Rid of Spam - How to squash the spam.
Home Staging - Selling your house
Internet Telephony

Affiliate Article
Air Hockey
Bellringing Article 1
Bellringing Article 2
Blackjack Masterclass
Chess Today
Chess on the Web
Getting Rid of Spam
Crazy Golf
Digital Cameras - Info
Foosball Article
Heros Fountain
Naming Stars


Pachman Chess Book
Poker Articles
Quizzes Article
Scrabble Article
Shade-Grown Coffee
Severn Bore
Spyware & Pop-Ups
How Telescopes Work

Telecope Specifications Explained
The Trachtenberg Method
The most stupid move
Volleyball Article
Waterpolo Article
Dewpoint Temperature
Desktop Weather Programs
Setting up a Website
Top Tips for the Typist

Shopping Articles:
Buying Goods from Abroad
Guide to Internet Shopping
Internet Consumer Rights
Returning Goods


Quote HowTelescopes work
Marilyn Beardsmore
Quotation Mark THERE are 2 main types of telescopes: refracting telescopes and reflecting telescopes. There is also a third type called catadioptric telescopes. These last ones are really a just combination of refracting and reflecting telescopes ...
... A simple guide to how telescopes work 
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Quote Air Hockey on the net
Graham Brown
Quotation MarkTHE air is fresh with the smell of sea air. The town ever so slightly running-down. Picture a seedy seaside arcade. It's the late 70s. Lets take a look inside ... flashing fruit machines, complex pinball, inaccurate rifles with barrels that curve gracefully, yes every cheap and nasty machine is here to extract your hard earned holiday money. Standing proud amongst these mechanical muggers is the Air Hockey table.
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Quote Bellringing
on the Net

Quotation MarkThe art of change ringing is peculiar to the English, and, like most English peculiarities, unintelligible to the rest of the world ...
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Quote Football maths
Quotation MarkCfottoball mathsorrect score betting is notoriously difficult to predict, but you should use science to get it right. Here, Frederick Steiner explains how mathematics can bring you a winning formula.
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Quote The TrachtenburgSystem
Quotation MarkTHE Trachtenberg System of Basic Mathematics is a method of doing high-speed multiplication, division, addition, subtraction and square roots without a calculator ...

There are plenty of these 'Speed-Maths' systems around. But try to use most to do more than a select few 'party pieces' and you find that at best the so called 'miracle method' relies to a great extent on a considerable amount of tedious effort on your part. At worst, the whole thing is just too complicated to be of any practical or frivolous use.
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 QuoteBiscuits on the net:
Quotation MarkBiscuits ... comprising sugar, flour and fat - from the Latin 'bis coctus' meaning twice-cooked. Criticised by half-cooked western nutritionists for " calorific density". Wiser people might caution that biscuits have been produced and eaten successfully for thousands upon thousands of years. One fact can not be denied ... biscuits are absolutely yummy ...
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Quote Down Lexicoway
Quotation MarkIt was 1931, Poughkeepsie USA, and Alfred Mosher Butts had just lost his job. There was little work to be found designing buildinglexicons . in fact, there was little work at all. However, rather than mope around flat-capped, posing for Depression Era Photographs, he elected to devise a board game. Lexico was to be renamed four times over the next 17 years . "New Anagrams", "Alph" , "Criss-Cross" and "Criss-Crosswords". In 1948 "Scrabble" was born ...
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Quote Chess on the Net
Quotation MarkTony Blair thinks Chess is a sport. Old argument "Sport or Game?" It doesn't matter what your particular skill is. It could be chess, long distance running, high-board diving, even the triple jump for crying out loud ... nobody likes to see their chosen field of endeavor downgraded to the status of a mere game by anyone with half decent debating skills.
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Quote Chess on the Web:
Graham Brown takes a regular look at chess on the UK web.
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Quote Taking care of the pennies
Steve Sutherland
Quotation MarkTHE aim of this article is to explain to webmasters of sports and hobby sites how they can make a modest income of roughly 10p to £10 per day from their sites. If you run such a site, then perhaps you have wondered about placing some advertising on it, if only to help with costs. Of course, nothing is guaranteed on the internet. This is not a "get rich quick" monologue. However, hopefully this article can help you earn some realistic income from your site, with no more than a few hours work, followed by a minimal amount of ongoing work.
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Quote Waterpolo on the net
Quotation Mark"Don't the horses drown?"... an amusing quote on the subject of water polo?! But wait a minute! The fact is ... 400 years ago, water polo WAS played using horses. Furthermore ... Because so many WERE drowning, the players took to the moderately deep seawater themselves ...
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Quote Foosball on the net
Quotation MarkTable Football or, more correctly, Foosball (1) is currently (when this article was originally written it was!) wowing the public at the English Millenium Dome. It's a bumper version, with 44 rows of mini footballers twisled by 22 humans. The exhibit supposedly "demonstrates and encourages teambuilding" However, word has it that guests are wisely using it for a bit of cheap fun! ...
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Quote Making Money on the internet:-
Quotation MarkThe net is an ideal place for the type of "Not a pyramid scheme" schemes that you used to see in the Newsagent windows. "Earn money addressing envelopes." proclaimed the tatty postcard!" But there is a way to earn money from then internet, it's not quick riches but any website can make money using affiliate marketing. And it won't cost you anything to try it! 
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Quote Crazy Golf on the net
Quotation Mark"Proper Golf" as we know it started with a game played on the eastern coast of Scotland during the 15th century. Players would hit a pebble around a course consisting of sand dunes, rabbit runs and tracks using a stick...
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Mintonett on the Net?
Graham Brown
Quotation MarkBACK in 1895, in a YMCA somewhere in America, basketball coach W G Morgan was faced with a class of wealthy businessmen who found his sport a little too rough for their tastes. Fearing loss of their subscriptions, his desperate solution was to mix basketball, baseball, tennis, and handball to create a brand new sport
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Quote Quizzes on the Net
Quotation MarkThe lecture hall seems to echo with footsteps of the past as a scruffy professor with wild white hair shuffles in ...
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Quote Mini Speed Test
Test your typing against the world! Type a famous quotation and get your speed and accuracy.
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QuoteTHE Severn

Quotation Mark ... is a large surge wave that can be seen in the estuary of the River Severn. Check out our new article and find out all about it.
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